Data Management Secrets - Trailer:


Data is vital to the success of your organisation. From serving customers better to achieving competitive advantage, from gaining product insight to staying compliant, good data delivers endless value. However, managing data is a major challenge. With information volumes exploding and IT budgets under constant scrutiny, it's important to find the right solution for your business.

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10 elements of a successful data warehouse development:


Data warehouse developments often fail because the business and technology elements of the projects are not synchronised efficiently or effectively.


By eliminating manual effort, data warehouse automation (DWA) products enable business and technology to collaborate in an agile way.

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Automation, the Industrial Revolution and software development:


Since the Industrial Revolution, automation has played a critical role in defining and driving the development of industry in multiple sectors. Today, it has the potential to revolutionise the data warehouse industry, removing human error and inconsistency from the manual software coding process. 


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Healthcare innovation and the importance of data feature in our TV discussion:


Data and digital transformation in the health industry is a hot topic as healthcare providers strive to improve the services they offer and achieve better outcomes. This is also while they are struggling with the challenges of increasing demand, spiralling pressure on resources and the need to achieve more with less – all against a backdrop of financial restraints.

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Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust: The benefits of being data confident:


Hull & East Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust: The benefits of being data confident

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Data & BI Aren’t Synonymous in Healthcare (And You Need a Data Management Strategy):


Most NHS organisations are barely treading water when it comes to leveraging real value from their data.


Because the primary focus is business intelligence. Data and BI become synonymous, and the organisation sees the data itself as less of a priority.

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Healthcare Providers Must Achieve More for Less with Data Management:


Healthcare providers face a particular conundrum.

They’re under constant pressure to improve performance, but don’t have the budget or resource to manage their enterprise data needs efficiently.

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Hull and East Yorkshire Trust: How it became a technology leader:


Hull and East Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust has worked with Insource for 6 years. In that time, the trust has achieved many milestones around data management, including reportedly having the most successful Lorenzo migration in the NHS.


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The case against ground-up data solution developments:


70% of data projects fail. It’s an incredible and worrying statistic when you consider all that wasted time and resource.


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Why Self-Service BI isn’t a Panacea for Secondary Care Providers:


When self-service BI (SSBI) emerged on the healthcare scene, it seemed like the answer to everyone’s data problems.

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