Data Warehouse Automation

…and the vested interest that may be hindering progress

Data warehouse automation (DWA) products:

  • Reduce the cost of development
  • Reduce time to delivery
  • Eliminate the need for manual coding
  • Enable iterative working
  • Deliver success to data warehouse projects

So why are they not in more common use?

In this whitepaper, Rob Davenport – Products & Services Director at Insource – argues that there is no justification for not using DWA products, and suggests that vested interest is a key reason that they’re not in wider use.

Download the whitepaper and you’ll learn:

  • Why you’ll save time and money delivering agile data warehouses with DWA products
  • Why there’s mistrust and limited understanding of DWA capability
  • How developers using DWA products consistently deliver greater quality and value
  • Why forward-thinking business leaders recognise that “Big Data” and data warehousing are important to a successful enterprise data management strategy
  • How DWA products incorporate important functionality that would otherwise be considered nice to have
  • How DWA provides transparency between developers and a standardised approach to the process


DWA + Vested interest image curvy.png