Clients enjoy first meeting of the Insource CDS Plus Product Steering Group: 27.10.16

CDS Plus is a product module in Insource’s healthcare data management platform Health Data Enterprise. Insource’s first CDS Plus Product Steering Group meeting took place in Chesterfield on 4th October. This group is a great opportunity to gather and share trusts’ collective feedback about the product, to ensure it serves their healthcare needs even better. Through collaboration and exchange of ideas and experience, we can all ultimately champion productised data management and the impressive economies of scale it brings.

The meeting included several senior technical managers and technicians representing key Insource NHS clients, as well as senior members of the Insource product team. It examined the existing process flow for submission of CDS returns via the Wessex format, to ensure it is replicated in subsequent editions of CDS Plus.

The existing CDS Plus module automatically generates generic CDS return files successfully. However, feedback suggested that its process didn’t entirely mirror that of NHS Trusts. We wanted to understand first-hand what these differences were, in order to improve the product and ensure that any changes and additions we subsequently made would take into account these trust processes. Ultimately, we needed to ensure an appropriate amount of control, while still providing enough flexibility to make an accurate submission – and all still within a completely automated, fully audited data management process.

This collective, positive approach is only possible because our solution is configurable and product-based. It offers a unique opportunity to create automated data management that meet the needs of all parties involved, without the hassle of having to manage and update bespoke systems. This means Insource’s proven platforms nurture collaboration and economies of scale that drive significant efficiency gains – all of which benefit healthcare organisations greatly.

This was Insource’s second Product Steering Group meeting. The first, held back in mid-August, was equally constructive and reviewed how Health Data Enterprise’s Decipher module for CSC Lorenzo can be centrally maintained, updated and shared to encourage more collaborative working for less cost. Group comments really demonstrate the value NHS trusts are getting from collaborating in these sessions, which are focused on refining and continually improving Insource solution platforms to deliver even more value within the confines of individual trust budgets.

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