NHS Waiting Lists Blog 3


With the increasing pressure from the Centre for all Trusts to provide Daily PTL Reporting by end of March, Insource are looking to help make this happen – fast! The company are launching a call for Strategic Partners by setting aside a £100K fund to enable automated RTT and PTL reporting. This incentive will be subject to procurements of Patient Pathway Plus (PP+) logged before end January and will be open to all NHS Trusts throughout the UK.

PP+ automates data collection, validation and consolidation, and can eliminate cumbersome excel spreadsheets, save huge amounts of time, dramatically improve data accuracy and streamline PTL waiting list reporting. PP+ also gives Trusts visibility of their true demand, the ability to spot clinical priorities for targeted care planning.

PP+ can be installed in 1 week, implemented in 3 weeks and delivering ROI in 3-4 months. To take advantage of this offer immediately send us your details.

Contact us at ann.braham@insource.co.uk


Excel spreadsheets hugely time consuming & inaccurate

As we know, currently, data for elective waiting lists is collected from the PAS and sent to all the various specialties for manual input and validation – and large Excel spreadsheets criss-cross the Trust for checking and cross-checking and are eventually compiled into a single statutory RTT report for the Centre and Board use. Not only is this hugely time-consuming, but the probability of error at any stage of input or code checking is substantial. One Trust found 5,000 patients were missing from their old PTL…

Validated data on which to base deployment of stretched resources is vital as more people queue up for treatment and those with critical clinical needs get lost in the morass of greater numbers. PP+ gives Trusts a consolidated, accurate view of their waiting list backlog across all elective care, not just RTT, and across all specialities, showing the full scale of the problem. By incorporating clinical priorities, it allows the Board to plan and redeploy services against greatest need.

To register your interest in the Partnership Incentive, email ann.braham@insource.co.uk.