Insource release new version of Patient Pathway Plus


Here at Insource, we are proud to say that our customer relationships are of paramount importance to us, our truly collaborative approach enables us to continually improve our products to meet our client’s needs. Insource and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust were recently shortlisted by the HSJ for a partnership award in recognition of our joint work undertaken to develop new functionality to Insource Patient Pathway Plus (PP+) application that will benefit everyone in Health.

Patient Pathway Plus is an application that enables elective care pathways to be validated and tracked much more efficiently than traditional outdated solutions Which delivers true efficiency savings internally and confidence that all patients will be managed effectively throughout their pathways utilising modern automated technology platforms.

By taking data directly and daily from PAS systems, configuring business rules and highlighting data entry errors PP+ presents data exactly how it needs to be seen by validators, booking clerks, schedulers and managers so that trusts can better manage their elective care and RTT position. PP+ automates time consuming and often inaccurate manual reporting on elective care and RTT positions, saving valuable time and providing confidence in the integrity of national and local reporting data.

We are delighted to announce that the most recent release of Patient Pathway Plus has now been made available for all of our clients, and is packed with new features designed to make the tracking, validating, managing and reporting of pathways easier and quicker.

Our partner clients told us they wanted to be able to filter pathways flexibly to get to the right information faster, so we created multi selections to make combinations of filtering limitless. We heard that being able to select the same kind of filters on a regular basis would mean more time validating and less time on administration, so we made bookmarks available. We saw that using colour to highlight information, or places in Patient Tracking Lists (PTL’s) would mean important things didn’t get missed and tracking of pathways could be more effective. These are just a few of the new functions in our latest release.

We are committed to continually improve our software platforms offering our clients the most secure and advanced platforms available on the market today and, most importantly, enabling our valued Healthcare system to become more efficient in every process providing every patient with confidence they will be supported by modern automated technology.