Removing silos in Cancer Pathway Management

On this World Cancer Day, dedicated to education and raising public awareness, Insource believes it's also important to recognise the challenges faced by our healthcare professionals when managing these critical services. Insource is committed to supporting our NHS partners in delivering better patient care and we are always listening to them to understand the challenges they are facing in the hope we can enhance technology to support them in delivering the best outcome for the patient and their service.


We met with eight Cancer service professionals from five NHS Trusts to collaborate in identifying common challenges and propose solutions that could benefit patients and staff across multiple trusts. This inaugural development steering group committee on Cancer Pathway Management highlighted the many disparate systems that healthcare teams are required to access to manage pathways: Patient Administration Systems/Electronic Patient Records, Cancer tracking, Radiology, Pathology, Endoscopy, theatres, etc. Whilst existing pathway management tools provide an abundance of functionality to meet the specific requirements of their speciality, the reality is that working in silos without visibility of other overlapping datasets is of detriment to the service, the standards they are governed by and their commitment to patients.

The committee agreed that having to interrogate so many systems is both time consuming and inefficient and that a single view of all pathways - Referral To Treatment (RTT), non-RTT and Cancer - would be a powerful way to view and manage the demand holistically.

"An improved admin system will not increase clinical capacity, but it will enable improved efficiencies in using these resources and provide a foundation for a more effective use of admin/tracking/Multi-Disciplinary Team's time," commented Steve Aitken Insource CEO. "The current systems do not provide an easy way to view RTT and Cancer pathway data together but the reality is that the two are interlinked and the two pathways are in progress simultaneously."

Following recommendations from the steering committee, Insource is looking to enhance its Patient Pathway Plus solution to augment the functionality available in Cancer tracking tools such as Somerset, to act as a central digital hub and information portal which will bring together RTT, Non RTT, Cancer and diagnostic data in to one holistic platform.

Having a much more holistic view of patient access incorporating Cancer and RTT activity in one place will also enable trusts to develop powerful Business Intelligence insights to support improvements in capacity and demand management/reporting.