10 elements of a successful data warehouse development

Data warehouse developments often fail because the business and technology elements of the projects are not synchronised efficiently or effectively.


By eliminating manual effort, data warehouse automation (DWA) products enable business and technology to collaborate in an agile way.


As a result, they define and deliver successful, value-based data warehouse projects that contain the following 10 elements:


1 – Professional and commercial competitive advantages

DWA products deliver greater quality and value to your organisation, for example by opening opportunities to offer value-based pricing.

2 – A compelling and widely-proven ROI

By reducing development time and having the potential to guarantee project success, DWA products have repeatedly proved their value. Despite this proof, they’re not in as wide use as you might expect. 

3 – Standardisation of the development process

By providing an environment that targets success, DWA products encourage a standardised approach to the development process.

4 – Implementation of best practice

DWA products inherently implement industry best practice, such as inferred, slowly changing and conformed dimensions.

5Embedded corporate governance and external compliance

Corporate governance and external compliance require data lineage and automated documentation production, which DWA products have the capability and the capacity to deliver.

6 – Inbuilt functionality

With their automated ability to process code, DWA products have inbuilt functionality that would otherwise be considered “nice to have”.

7 – Maintainability and removal of reliance on particular resources

With the right products, maintaining and modifying data warehouses as your project develops becomes quick and seamless. Plus you won’t need to rely on specific individuals.

8 – Increased development productivity

Enjoy development productivity that extends beyond the initial period, and empower business and technical staff so that no development time is wasted.

9 – An agile and iterative approach

DWA products enable iterative working. They also provide a complete methodology, making the production of data warehouses agile.

10 – The elimination of manual effort

DWA products eliminate manual effort from the design, build and administering process.

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Thus, DWA products are essential to the success of data warehouse development projects. They reduce the time and the effort involved in the development process, and enable business and technical staff to evolve the project iteratively without fear of wasting significant analysis and development time.