70% of data projects fail. Learn how automation helps put you in the elite 30%.

It’s an incredible statistic – that 70% of data projects fail. Think of all that wasted time and resource.

A common reason for that failure (and associated waste) is that organisations are building solutions from the ground up. In fact, success is actually straightforward when you have the right tools.In this 20-minute webinar, we cover essential elements of building a data management solution that’s right first time, including

  • The case against ground-up data solutions
  • When you should choose data warehouse automation and/or automated data preparation tools
  • How to reduce your reliance on individuals, so it’s easy and cost effective to maintain your solution
  • How to choose a development method that enables you to complete your project within budget and predicted timescales

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About Your Host

Rob Davenport, Products & Services Director, Insource

Rob has more than 25 years’ experience of software development, product development, product management and strategic consulting at the highest levels, specialising in mission-critical data management across corporate and healthcare. He is responsible for the strategic direction and development of Insource’s product suites.